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Contract of Business 

INTRODUCTION These Conditions are the basis of Studio Props' agreement with the Seller. Please read them carefully and ask for an explanation of anything that you do not understand. Please note all Online Sales are also subject to our Online Contract of Business. Under the terms of this agreement, we act as your agent. This means you will be responsible for all statements and representations made by us on your behalf and you will be the principal to the Contract for Sale with the Buyer of the item(s) and responsible for breaches of that contract. For that reason, you must give us certain warranties and undertakings about the item(s) and yourself, and you must ensure that what you tell us about the item(s) and yourself (and the owner if you are representing the owner) is correct and complete. You must check the item(s) Entry as made available to you on  As your agent, we are not under any obligation, either to you or any Buyer, under the Contract for Sale you make through us. Our liability to you is governed by this agreement, which contains limitations of that liability.


On your behalf, we give a personal guarantee to the Buyer that the item(s) are original, owned by yourself with a right to sell, and not a forgery,  and, in this agreement with you, you agree to reimburse us for our costs and expenses in performing this Guarantee if any of the item(s) fail this.

Prices will be discussed with you before listing, and you will be advised of any offer that come in under the price mentioned on the website for you to accept or decline as you see fit.  If we feel a price may need to change we will discuss this with you before amending any price on the website, 


1.1 Subject to any express written agreement we may make to provide additional (or fewer) services, we will: 1.1.1 have the item(s) into us for examination or if we agree to examine it elsewhere, carry out the limited examination of the item(s) .1.2 based on any information you give to us about the item(s) or we may have obtained about it, (including as a result of any Standard Examination or Specialist Examination we have carried out) publish a description in which the item(s) is to be offered  1.1.3 agree on a price to be sold at; 1.1.4 take delivery of and store the item(s) 1.5 accept payment from the Buyer of the Purchase Price and transfer the Sale Proceeds to you, once the Buyer has received the item(s) 1.6 Provide a COA for the item(s) 1.7 Professionally package and send the item. 1.8 Insure all the item (s) to their full value to offer protection to you the seller, for any loss or damage during transit. 1.8 You the seller give us permission to offer payment plans from 1 - 6 months on all the item(s) and understand that payment will be only sent over to you once the transaction has been completed and the buyer received their item. 1.9 We will have all the item(s) professionally photographed and you agree to pay the illustration fee indicated on the form, at the point of sale, or if you decide to withdraw the items, you agree to pay the illustration fee in full.1.10 We will take a 15% commission and pre-discussed illustration fee from the point of sale on each item(s) sold. 

DATA PROTECTION – USE OF YOUR INFORMATION Where we obtain any personal information about you, we shall only use it in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy (subject to any additional specific consent(s) you may have given at the time your information was disclosed). A copy of our Privacy Policy can be found on our Website

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