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Alien Warrior costume from Alien War, a "total reality" experience attraction based on the Alien movie franchise.


The costume consists of a solid foam head, a rubber neck/head section, a black nylon bodysuit with attached latex parts moulded to create the Alien shape, two rubber chest/rib panels, a sold foam back panel with the creature's distinctive ‘exhaust' pipes and also a foam tail and latex gloves.


The back panel has "Stunts Harness" written on it.


Dimensions:  approx 79.5" x 21 , the head approx 32.5" x 8.5"


Due to the age of the costume, the latex parts have started to harden and degrade, the zipper on the bodysuit is seized so it no longer works, also the zipper used to attach the two rubber chest/rib panels is missing,  and there is a stress fracture near the end of the tail. The shoulder pieces are in a very worn state with one suffering a complete spilt down on one side. The head is missing all its top teeth and the lower jaw has been glued in place. Latex gloves are in very poor condition.


The costume could do with some extensive restoration to bring it back to its full glory.


The tail has been attached to the zipper via a safety pin and the back panel is held on by a strap for display purposes. The mannequin is also included.


All of the Alien War warrior suits were made from moulds taken from a damaged surviving original 20th-century fox suit.


Alien War was a "total reality" experience in the United Kingdom that originally opened at The Arches in Glasgow in April 1992 themed around the Alien series of films. Created by John Gorman and Gary Gillies, the attraction had a short run as a mobile event at various exhibition centres in the UK (including the Bournemouth International Centre and the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre).


On 15 October 1993, it opened in the basement of the Trocadero centre in London. The permanent attraction in London closed after a flood in August 1996 and was never reopened. It made a short return between December 1999 and January 2000 in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow in a modified form.


All our props come with a Studio Props Certificate of Authenticity and have been authenticated by a well-renowned collector of props for many years.


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Alien War (1993-96) Alien Warrior Costume

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